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July 1st, 2004

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02:08 pm - Orlando Icon

My first! :)

I always said that I didn't make icons with Orlando because there were so many pictures of him, I'd EXPLODE trying to find just one! :)

But anyway, here it is. Or THEY are. I wanted to make it a nice smooth one like this:

But as you can see, it is just TOO big (in size)! So I had to settle for this one:

Or this one:

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Date:August 30th, 2004 09:14 pm (UTC)


hay what site did you pic's from?
Date:October 11th, 2004 03:55 am (UTC)

I am REALLY sorry for this late reply

Hi, you probably don't even remember posting this comment :) but I've been away for a while and only just got to read it.

To answer your question, I think I got the pics from another livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/leggyslove

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