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Sit Down, Have a Cup

~ If a Flame's What it Takes to Remember My Name ~

Caffe Latte Graphics
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Welcome Aboard the S.S. Caffe Latte!

This is a place for me to display my *amazing graphicing skills* to all the world!

Here you'll find a lot of stuff ranging from Livejournal icons to animated GIF's to jus' plain ol' junk that has no other use but to put it on your wall and call it "art"! ;D

I made this mainly to put all my graphics in, so that I wouldn't clutter up my own Journal with it, OR my friends' friend's pages anymore. So, if you want to catch all the action as it happens, this is the place! :)

If you like any of the things in the interests section, chances are you'll find atleast *one thing* to suit your needs.

Absolutely everything here is classified and catalogued properly (or will be soon) so you can check 'em all out in The Catalogue. (The Catalogue itself is Members-Only, but you can see all the posts the "regular" way :))

(I also post my things in mr_mayer_icons and elijahexchange so if you want, you can check 'em out too)

Thank you for coming!

(Created, owned and maintained by falcon_animagus. And yes, the name has two f's on purpose :))